Considering Buying a U.S. or Foreign Vacation Property? Be Tax Aware

With real estate prices recovering to where they were pre-2008 in most of the U.S; many people are buying U.S. vacation homes, and homes abroad for various reasons. The appeal of international vacation property is at an all-time high as property overseas continues to cost less than near home, even in high-destination areas. A growing trend among younger Americans (Generation

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Is Your Business Ready for Liquidation?

At some point, a successful business faces liquidation for all the right reasons. The business owner has built an asset that is now positioned to sell to another individual, a group of investors, or be acquired by a large corporation. Perhaps as the business has grown, planning has revolved around liquidating; however, often the liquidation plan hasn’t been put in

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Social Security Q & A: Do You Know Everything About Social Security Retirement and Death Benefits?

How is my social security calculated? Social Security is calculated using your 35 highest paid earnings years and then averaged using the benefits calculation formula. You must have worked full time for at least ten years even to qualify to receive any social security retirement benefit. Currently, full retirement benefits age is between age 66 and 67 (October 2018). More

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Are You Hurting Your Chance for Life Insurance Approval?

If you need life insurance, be aware that there are hobbies, professions, and circumstances that will hinder your chance for life insurance approval even if you’re healthy. An insurance company examines not only your health but also your personal history to determine if you’re insurable or an insurance risk:


Back To School Financial Guide For 2019

Back To School Financial Guide For 2019 In a recent study conducted by the ‘National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights and Analytics’, it was found that the average American family will spend just south of $700 for back-to-school costs in 2019. Is your child soon to be a college student? The same survey reported you should be ready to spend

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Sizzlin’ Summer Series: PART 3

Sizzlin’ Summer Series: PART 3 What does Summer remind you of? Maybe it’s the feeling of jumping into a cool pool after a day in the summer heat; or maybe it’s the sound of the ice cream truck as you are bolting out the door with whatever change you could get your hands on. From lazy days in air conditioning

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Sizzlin’ Summer Series: PART 2

Sizzlin’ Summer Series: PART 2 The official start of Summer – June 21st – is right around the corner. As we cruise into part two or our Sizzlin’ Summer Series, we will make a splash with the best cities to retire in 2019. Get your Hawaiian shirts on, coolers filled, and beach towels ready, because here come the Top 4

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Sizzlin’ Summer Series: PART 1

Sizzlin’ Summer Series: PART 1 This last Winter was one for the books. With record snowfall, rain, and cold temperatures, it’s safe to say that most of us are ready for warmer weather. What better way to celebrate the onset of sunshine and warm temps than with a three-part newsletter series to help you enjoy Summer! In this month’s newsletter,

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April is Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month Do you consider yourself financially literate? According to a study by S&P Global, 57% of American adults are financially literate, ranking the U.S. 14th in the world. As a way to increase financial understanding, April is considered Financially Literacy month! Whether you’re a financial guru or consider yourself a newbie, here’s 3 ways to make

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3 Tips to Spring Clean Your Finances

3 Tips to Spring Clean Your Finances With the official start the Spring being March 20th, the entire country can now start shedding layers after a record-breaking winter. Along with spring comes nice temperatures, fresh crisp smells, and most importantly, spring cleaning. Typically, spring cleaning will consist of throwing out or donating unused items, organizing the house and cleaning the

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