What Is the Beige Book and Why Should You Care?

The Federal Reserve System, also referred to as The Fed, holds a vast influence on the U.S. and global economies. One of the lesser-known but impactful tools is the Fed’s Beige Book.


The Economic Significance of Black Friday

The celebration of Thanksgiving precedes a commercial holiday, Black Friday, which is recognized in the United States and other countries worldwide. At first glance, Black Friday is a day for enticing discounts and irresistible offers. But on closer examination, it is a day of economic significance. Historically, Black Friday has been a day for retailers and consumers alike, contributing to

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The Best U.S. Cities to Enjoy Retirement

As retirement approaches, the prospects of laid-back lifestyles, and endless leisure time. These best cities to enjoy retirement allow for the opportunity to shift from a fast-paced urban life to a more relaxed, quiet community may become appealing. Check out these 10 Best Cities to enjoy retirement.


10 Factors That May Impact the Housing Market

The housing market is a crucial indicator of a country’s economic health. It is a complex arena that numerous factors can influence. Traditionally, supply and demand, interest rates, and the economy help predict housing market trends for the future. However, several other factors can impact the housing market:


How Sustainable Finance Helps Advance Women’s Health

Sustainable finance has emerged as a strategy for mitigating global challenges, with socio-environmental impact as a primary focus. One challenge it aims to solve is the advancement of women’s health. 


6 Different Ways to Pay for Medical Care

Paying for medical care can be costly, but we should not avoid medical care when needed. You can pay for your medical care in different ways that may be appropriate for your situation. First, deciding which option is best for you is vital once you understand your options.


Fall: The Season for Financial Awareness

The primary goal of financial awareness is to establish and maintain healthy financial habits. Financial awareness aims to help people understand things such as budgeting, setting financial goals, making informed investment decisions, interest rates, managing debt, and saving and planning for retirement.


6 Tips to Prepare for Buying a House in 2024

If you’re considering buying a house in 2024, you may need to prepare before scheduling house showings. While having a down payment and closing costs saved is essential, these tips may drastically improve your house-buying experience:


What Does a Country’s Credit Downgrade Mean?

A country’s credit downgrade happens when a credit rating agency, like Moody’s, Fitch, or Standard & Poor’s (the big three), decides that a country is less likely to pay back its debts, lowering its credit rating. Countries like the United States sometimes need to borrow money to fund projects like infrastructure, social services, or managing the national debt.


Using Life Insurance to Create Intergenerational Wealth

Have you ever wondered how some families maintain their intergenerational wealth? What’s their secret sauce? The answer may lie in using life insurance to establish a legacy that lasts over multiple generations.