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When thinking about their financial futures, many ministers experience anxiety and uncertainty. With Guardian Financial Group’s “Ministerial Income Strategies”, ministers are able to focus on today, knowing their future is secured.

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A life of service should not end with an uncertain retirement. Don’t get caught off guard. Take control of your future now.

Kevin Deitrich, Pastoral Advisor

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Take control of your retirement with a Ministerial Income Strategy.

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Social Security Benefits for Ministers

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At Guardian Financial Group we know you want to feel SECURE about retirement. You want certainty around your retirement plans. The problem is a lack of knowledge to put a proper plan in place, which makes you feel anxious.

We believe, ministers who spend their lives serving others deserve a secure retirement. We understand the unique challenges ministers face when it comes to saving and planning for retirement. This is why we have been able to help thousands of ministers maximize unique tax advantages, create sustainable retirement income, and limit market risk.

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What we have discovered is many ministers don’t completely understand the wonderful options available to them when it comes to income and retirement planning. Many denominational plans have limited options and don’t provide the personalized advice needed. A majority of financial advisors do not understand the complex tax laws that are crucial for helping ministers retire successfully. Nor can they execute the proper plans associated with ministers and their retirement accounts. Unfortunately, we have seen many ministers rely on the church to support them through retirement only to experience greater uncertainty and a lack of control over their finances. Many express frustrations, feeling like a financial burden to their congregation. We are here to cut through the noise and secure your financial future.

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