Don’t Worry, Retire Happy Course

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The Community Center, Linglestown Giant
2300 Linglestown Road - Harrisburg, PA 17110

Don’t Worry, Retire Happy

A Classroom Course, teaching the essentials of Retirement Planning

Among your most critical financial planning decisions is the decision on how to generate income from your retirement portfolio. That income needs to last you a lifetime, yet surveys show that many people struggle with the difficult task of generating lifetime retirement income. Many retirees just withdraw what they need from their retirement savings without considering the impact this might have on ensuring their portfolio will last as long as they live.

This course is designed to help you understand the elements necessary in creating a retirement income plan by going through 7 simple steps. Each step is designed to educate you on perceived and real retirement risks, the options you have for addressing your retirement income needs and potential solutions in the form of case studies. .



The Community Center,
Linglestown Giant
2300 Linglestown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17110


Course Schedule

Tuesday, May 23rd
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Course Code: DADLG0523


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Who Should Attend

Anyone who is getting close to retirement and currently doesn’t have a plan for generating retirement income that is a year-by-year plan showing where retirement income will come from will benefit from attending. This course will give you a perspective on your financial obligations so that you can put a financial spending plan in place prior to retirement and modify it according to your own personal risk tolerance, need for income, size of your retirement fund and legacy goals you may have to pass on retirement assets to your family.

Why You Should Attend

Retirement income plans need to be made based on income needs, as well as the amount of savings a person has set aside for retirement. If running out of retirement income is a real concern for you, this course will show you how to set up a method of generating retirement income that is likely to make your savings last for your lifetime and, if you’re married, for your spouse’s lifetime as well.


Course Outline

Step One: Have A Plan

  • Need a Blueprint
  • Your Parents Plan
  • The Just in Case Plan
  • How Much is Enough

Step Two: Maximizing  Your Social Security Benefits

  • How Do I Qualify
  • Spousal – Divorced – Survivor
  • Which Strategy Is Right For Me
  • Earning Restrictions While Working
  • Do I Need to Pay Income Tax On My Benefits

Step Three: Consider a Hybrid Retirement

  • Increased Earnings
  • Increased Savings
  • Increased Social Security Benefits

Step Four: Protect Your Savings From Inflation

  • What Is It
  • Understanding the Effects of Inflation
  • It Doesn’t Retire When You Do

Step Five: Secure More Guaranteed Income

  • But I Don’t Have a Pension
  • What Are My Options
  • What About My Surviving Spouse

Step Six: Plan For Long Term medical Costs

  • The 3 Phases in Retirement
  • It’s Too Expensive
  • What Are The Odds
  • Your Retirement Plan Assets From Creditors

Step Seven: Use Your Home Equity Wisely

  • Downsizing
  • What Is A HELOC
  • What Are Reverse Mortgages
  • The Happy Factor

Putting It All Together: The ABC Strategy

  • The Dilemma
  • The Color Concept
  • Bears and Bulls
  • The Comparisons
  • The Action Steps
  • A Workbook – Specifically designed to follow and support the classroom instruction
  • Appointment Review List – Includes items helpful for your 1st meeting
  • Retirement Budget Forms – Provides a comprehensive budgeting form for retirement needs



Tuition is $25. Spouses may attend at no cost.



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Please call:  717-553-1005


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