Alvin H. Deitrich, Jr.

1st Choice Financial Services, Inc.

Financial professional Alvin H. Deitrich Jr. is the founder of 1st Choice Financial Services. He began his career working as a career agent for Peoples Life insurance company. After 2 years he was promoted to Manage an office staff of 30 Career agents and 5 Staff managers. His next area of responsibility was agent training in the Northeast region. Five years later, he started his own agency with a focus on people age 50 plus. Providing retirees, a level of service that meets all the needs of people, throughout their retirement years. Their proven strategies and thorough planning process have made a huge difference for their clients.

Alvin is a man of faith who lives in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Connie. They have three grown married children and eight grandchildren who love the Lord and are involved in their local church and serve in their community.

In his free time, Alvin enjoys spending time with his family, especially the grandkids, playing golf, and enjoys football; as a fan and 14 years as a High School Coach.

Today, Alvin has nearly 40 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry and he holds Pennsylvania Licenses and Certifications in long term care planning, Life Insurance, Annuity, and Income Planning. In addition, he is a National Social Security Advisor and a Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow.

Alvin has been privileged to speak to a great many groups and teaches a variety of courses including Principles of Conservative Planning, Traditional IRA and Roth conversions and strategies, Workshops for solving the Social Security Puzzle, Lifetime Income Planning, and Budgeting & Debt Reduction.

Alvin’s independent status allows him the freedom to best serve his clients, without bias to any product, strategy, services, or company. For well over a quarter of a century Alvin has built a strong practice thru referrals from satisfied clients. “Aging is an ongoing process and you need a trusted partner.” His mission is to help people plan for a better retirement. This is not accomplished by telling people what to invest in but listening to their concerns and circumstances and then presenting them with the best available options.

“Hope is never an investment strategy and certainly not a Retirement Plan.” He believes that today more than ever, people need financial strategies they can depend on. There must be a great deal of understanding and confidence between the advisor and their client. It is a partnership and in Alvin’s experience several generations of partnerships…

Kevin Deitrich

1st Choice Financial Services, Inc.

Kevin Deitrich is the son of Alvin Deitrich, president, and CEO of 1st Choice Financial services. Kevin and his wife, Miranda, have 3 adult children and 1 granddaughter. Kevin received a bachelor’s degree from Appalachian Bible College in West Virginia and was involves in planting a Church in the northern part of Colorado. Along with his position as an Advisor and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at 1st Choice Financial, Kevin currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Matamoras Bible Church and coaches football at Halifax High School where he played while in High School.

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